How bad am I at blogging?

Very bad. Very bad indeed. Even though I’m nearly always thinking about writing new posts I never actually have the balls to do it. Reviews are over done, anything more personal may blow my kind-of-anonymity, my opinion pieces probably wouldn’t be very well thought out – all reasons I don’t post.

I really do think I’ve hamstrung myself by attempting to blog anonymously, but the temptation is to start a new blog under my real name rather than edit my identity into this one. Then I could share it on social media (if I were ever able to get over the embarrassment I feel at that kind of self-promotion), write about things from my actual city and not the general area it’s in, share pictures of my cat…you know, that sort of thing. Not that I ever talk about where I live or my cat here anyway, but I could.

Blogging has been tougher than I thought it would be, especially as I’m generally in that dreadful actually-cares-what-others-might-say crowd and therefore not one to make bold statements or push myself out there on the interwebs. Good practice though, I’m glad I gave it a go and I’m grateful that people have read what I have to say, followed, commented etc. I may yet revive this blog with new posts, but it will likely stay quiet for a little while longer.

Scratching the Zelda itch – only 12 years late to the party

Lately I’ve been drawing my earnings from my second job out of the bank and putting them to one side, gradually accumulating until I have enough to buy expensive stuff I wouldn’t be able to afford on my usual wage. This resulted in some poor member of staff in Argos having to check £200 worth of tightly folded £5-20 notes before allowing me to walk out with this baby:

Wii U GamePad

Let me just say I think this was a frigging steal. The price for this particular limited edition (yet still inexplicably in production/on sale 18 months after it released) console has been sitting comfortably at £250 from most retailers for months. On top of this it was part of a deal offering Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games for free, and I was able to redeem my existing Club Nintendo stars for downloads of Super Mario World and A Link to the Past. While there’s every chance I’ll be trading Mario and Sonic in, that’s still a pretty Zelda console and four games for two hundred quid (Wind Waker came with if that wasn’t obvious) The price at Argos has since crept up to £215 before settling back at 250. I think I won.

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Lush Mother’s Day 2015: Yummy Mummy

I’m going to try not to bore you by writing another “review” – after all, it’s just some shower gel! But I love Lush and over the years there have been products which I loved above all others. One of those was the now (very sadly) discontinued Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel, a creamy strawberry scented treat that I first got as a freebie for spending a huge sum of money at Lush Leeds when they were celebrating the shop’s fifth birthday. That was a few years ago and now my YYY cravings are generally satisfied by the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar. Not the most useful item day to day, which is why I’m chuffed with the limited edition Yummy Mummy shower gel which is here for Mother’s Day (UK).

Yummy Mummy

Yummy Yummy Yummy, is that you?

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Holidays and coffee musings

So as it turns out, yes, the older sibling gets the double room every time. Center Parcs was bloody brilliant though. The girls spent a blissful morning at the spa, we all played an assortment of racket sports and drank a lot of wine. As nobody yet has young kids it’s fairly standard on our holidays to stay up late getting steadily pissed and making bawdy comments, but this year I decided to throw the Christmas present I bought my husband – Cards Against Humanity – into the mix. I’m not sure I’ll ever recover from hearing my dad say ‘Pacman uncontrollably guzzling cum’, but it was a great laugh.

I’ve already booked another two weeks off work over Easter – I’m fed up of the place so, after a chat with hubs, I decided I’d enjoy taking lots of time off to use up my holiday days while I continue to apply for new jobs. If I’ve failed to get anything by the time the year starts again (as far as annual leave goes) in September I’m simply going to quit and continue with my second job while hunting. We’ll be heading to the Isle of Man to see the rentals over the Easter weekend which should coincide with my best friend visiting her family who are conveniently located next door to my mum and dad. I’m got-a-countdown-widget-on-my-phone excited 😀

On a totally different note, I’ve just had a cup of coffee. Not just any coffee, but the most expensive* freaking instant coffee I’ve ever purchased. I’m talking, of course, about Starbucks Via.

Starbucks Via

I’ve seen people give this stuff rave reviews online and as it was reduced from £3 to 2 when I popped to the supermarket today I decided to give it a try to see if it lived up to the hype. Continue reading

New year, new ultimately futile effort to update regularly

Hi ho all, hope 2015 is treating you splendidly so far. So where the hell have I been? Basically drafting multiple blog entries and eventually trashing them one by one, as well as planning a whole new more super serious blog which I’m too chickenshit to actually create. In the real world my brother and his girlfriend are settled into their new place an hour away, I’m trying in vain to get a new job which doesn’t involve obscenely early mornings, and next door’s extremely overweight cat finally got brave enough to jump in through our kitchen window. So finding her downstairs when I went to make lunch was a nice surprise.

Two weeks from today, though, we’ll all be heading for our much-anticipated family holiday to Center Parcs! aka my favourite holiday destination*. It’s 25 years** since my parents first visited with my brother and I think we’re all basically counting down the days until we’re living it up in the villa’s whole sauna, steam room, hot tub set-up. My dad said something about already having six bottles of bubbly ready too 😉 Continue reading